Crammed full of the world’s best hops, our IPA is unrelentingly hoppy.  The base malt, water and yeast profile of the beer are geared towards showcasing the hops in all their glory.  Hop varieties used will change with each brew, to keep the drinker engaged and excited about every new batch.  Always expect massive taste and aroma from this beer, and try to drink fresh.

The American Pale Ale

The American Pale Ale bridges the gap between The Pale Ale and The IPA.  More hop focused than The Pale Ale whilst retaining more drinkability than The IPA.  The American Pale Ale once again uses different hop varieties for each batch, so the nuances of different hops can be enjoyed by the drinker from batch to batch.   Always expect substantial hop punch from this beer, as well as decent session-ability.

The Pale Ale

The Pale Ale is the most drinker and session friendly beer that we brew.  But don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s just another mundane, run of the mill, low strength beer.  Exotic hop varieties provide exciting flavours, layered over a simple malt profile, which keeps the beer crisp and drinkable.  Like our other pale beers, hop varieties used change with every brew, so no two beers are ever quite the same.  Always expect great drinkability and fresh hop character from The Pale Ale.

The Stout

The Stout is our most malt-forward beer.  Hop character takes a backseat to allow rich flavours of dark chocolate, coffee, dark fruit and molasses to come to the fore.  Flaked oats are used in the mash to provide a rich, silky smooth body to the beer.  Always expect rich, deep wholesome flavours and character when drinking the Stout.