Our Story

We’re a small family run brewery, dedicated to bringing modern, exciting, new age craft beer to Torbay and the surrounding area.

Heavily influenced by the booming craft beer scene in London, we decided to up sticks and move back home, hoping to inject some new life into the local beer scene.

Where we come from

You might know the south west for its sunny beaches, cream teas and palm trees. Well, get ready to know it for the finest quality beer as well.

We love the south west so much that we decided to brew all our beers here using only the freshest Dartmoor water, paired with the finest ingredients in the world.

What we believe in

For us, quality is the only thing that matters. We’re the first consumers of our beer, and if a batch doesn’t satisfy our seasoned taste buds, that batch is not making it to out of the brewery.

We love beer and we’ve worked tirelessly to give it the respect it deserves. All of our beers are brewed with the utmost care, and we’re only interested in brewing beer with big, bold flavours.  The world doesn’t need any more bland beer.

Our Final Product

Whether you like a fruity pale ale, a bitter, resinous IPA or a strong stout, we’ve got you covered.

Our beer is brewed with the best hops and malt money can buy.  Only the finest varieties of American and Antipodean hops are able to provide the flavours we desire, and they pair perfectly with the high quality Norfolk grown barley we select to use.

Our brewing water comes from Dartmoor only a handful of miles away, and is some of the softest brewing water in the world.  This presents us with a perfect blank canvas to craft our beers on to.

No compromises, just pure water and superior ingredients.